Resilience Over Burnout: A Self-Care Guide for Music Therapists

This is an essential read for every practicing music therapist and music therapy student. Too often we get caught up in how to help others and neglect helping ourselves. This book helps the reader to identify areas of potential burnout. It also provides clear cut and easy to follow instructions on how to create a personalized self-care plan.

Peter Meyer, MA, MT-BC
Author of Guitar Skills for Music Therapists and Music Educators

What I love about this eBook is that it is not just a self-care book for anyone- it speaks directly to music therapists. It has easy accessibility, is written in both an elegant and practical language, and is a resource that can be revisited to re-establish a baseline to continue to improve in self-care.

Lauren Stoner, MA, MT-BC

Resilience Over Burnout is an 80-page eBook designed to help music therapists redefine how they approach self-care and reach new levels clinical effectiveness, career success, and personal fulfillment.


Ami Kunimura’s Resilience Over Burnout eBook is a must have tool for increasing self-care practice as a music therapist. Unlike other self-care workbooks, this book is just for music therapists! It provides music therapy specific situations that cause burnout, helpful self-care exercises to practice (both musical and non-musical), and a clear and easy way to develop your own self-care plan. One of the best things about this book is that you can visit it at any time if you feel like you might need to reflect on how you are caring for yourself or how you may be neglecting personal needs that could potentially affect your professional work. I would recommend this book to music therapy students, interns, and professionals!

Nicole Drozd, MT-BC

Owner of Heart Song Music Therapy

I loved learning about specific types issues that lead to burnout – it helped me feel like I wasn’t alone in my struggle to manage self-care. While I was reading and interacting with this book, I found myself thinking of specific colleagues who could benefit from such an educational, concrete, and hands-on resource!

Stephanie Hubbard, MA, MT-BC

This eBook is an interactive guide that comes with:

  • An accompanying workbook with 20 self-reflection exercises that are synced with the eBook
  • A Burnout Factors Self-Assessment
  • A step-by-step method of creating a personalized self-care action plan to immediately implement
  • Access to the Resilience Over Burnout Self-Care Support Network, an online space to connect with others reading this eBook.
  • The opportunity to treat yourself with the same kindness, concern, and attention that you give to your clients- by identifying your own strengths, challenges, and goals. It’s time now to give back to yourself.

Self-care is often talked about, but is much more difficult to put into practice. Ami’s book not only breaks down the reasons why the idea of caring for ourselves is important, she offers a number of ideas and life changes to consider in order to more fully put these ideas into daily practice. Suggestions are provided in a non-judgmental manner and the reader is encouraged to self-reflect at their own pace. This book would be helpful to therapists at any stage of their career and serves as a gentle reminder to allow ourselves permission to take care of us as well as of those we care for.

Beth Deyermond, MA, MT-BC
Music Therapy Department Chairperson/Internship Director
The Center for Discovery, Harris, NY

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Resilience Over Burnout

Resilience Over Burnout
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Resilience Over Burnout: A Self-Care Guide for Music Therapists is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 3 CMTE credits. Click here for more information.

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Ami Kunimura is a board-certified music therapist, self-care coach, and writer. Ami has been practicing music therapy since 2006, and runs a private practice specializing in mental health and addictions treatment, providing music therapy services to individuals, groups, and treatment centers.

Ami holds a Master of Arts in Music Therapy from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University. Ami has also received certifications in Yoga Education from Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Nasik, India and in first and second degree Reiki from the International Center for Reiki Training.

Ami (pronounced ah-me) was born and raised in Hawaii and currently resides in the South Bay of Los Angeles.